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Anti thrombotic clot busters with optimised half-life

IMTECH had signed on Nov. 24, 2010 a technology transfer agreement with Nostrum Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA on “know-how for the production of new generation clot-buster(s)”. The value of the contract was approx. Rs. 750.00 crores (milestone payment) plus royalty. 
New Generation Clot-buster(s) Being Licensed:

 These New Generation Clot-buster(s) comprise  clinically beneficial  thrombolytic molecules with enhanced half lives so that lower doses can be given in a single- shot bolus (a tremendous benefit of great clinical significance)  as well as target (fibrin/clot) specificity. In addition, these have the property of thrombin inactivation in situ, that is, at the site of vascular injury to thwart re-occlusion, a major problem limiting present-day clot busters. Licensing of these molecules to Nostrum is a proud achievement for IMTECH, especially  since these are the third- and fourth-Generation molecules which should fill an acute need in the world, especially the developing countries where effective but affordable treatments for circulatory disorders such as heart attacks and stroke are a crying need, and where the more expensive option of surgical intervention via Cath Labs is not an easy option.
After animal and human clinical trials, which Nostrum will carry out, these new generation clot busters will prove to be beneficial both in terms of efficacy and cost-effectiveness and likely compete with the very best drugs in its class on a global basis.  
Currently, work is underway pertaining to pre-clinical testing and process development.