Software Packages

  • Software packages available at BIC: BIC has acquired number of programs which includes: AMBER, X-PLOR, MIDAS, DSSP, Molscript, Rastered, Clustal-W, Phylip, Rasmol, Vector-NTI etc. See Software Packages for more detail.
  • Programs Developed at BIC: One of the activitity of centre is software development. BIC has developed a number of programs in field of protein modelling and engineering see See Software Packages for detail description.


  • Databases available at BIC: PROSITE, Rotamer Library, Protein Data Bank, ATLAS, GenBank, DSSP, ENTREZ, Medline CDs (1966-1997) etc. See DataBanks for more detail.
  • Databases Developed at Centre: Number of databases were derived or created at centre. See DataBanks for more detail. The databases created at this centre include:

    • PSSD: Protein secondary structure database in compact form created for all proteins where structure (3-D) is known at resolution 3.2A or better.
    • RESTseq: A restriction enzyme database is created which have restriction enzymes and their recognition sequence and compatible to GMAP format.
    • CODONtab: A preferred codon usage for different host system has been created in format suitable for GMAP.
    • CONFangle: A program to generate phi, psi and chi from PDB files is developed. It can read PDB, AMBER, MOMOS, and GROMOS format coordinate files and output the angles of desired residues. The PDB database is avilable at the centre so the database of conformation angle can be generate.
    • CAng Database: This database consists the Calpha - Calpha - Calpha angles between successive alpha carbon atoms.
    • HPat Database: HPat consists the hydrogen bond pattern between backbone - backbone, backbone - sidechain, sidechain - sidechain atoms.