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Dr. Vijay Chintaman Sonawane
Applied Microbiology including screening, fermentation, enzyme technology and bioremediation.

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Phone numbers  0172-266685-94  extension 3326

Write-up of research and development interests/focus, past and present goals:

Microbial diversity offers opportunities to find new sources of industrially important enzymes and new bioactive molecules. New enzymes are required to carry out desired bioconversion or biotransformation reaction. Enzymes are being explored to replace or to modify existing chemical processes in which, hazardous reagents are used and toxic waste is produced. Enzymes for a specific reaction can be found by screening microbes using a suitable assay

A novel bacterial strain belonging to the genus   Bacilus  was screened. Glutaryl-7-ACA acylase has been  isolated, purified and characterized. The enzyme isolated and purified from the novel strain  can be used for the conversion of GL-7-ACA acylase to 7-ACA. D-amino acid  oxidase which, converts cephalosporin C into GL-7-ACA  is labile enzyme. A method for stabilization of D-amino acid oxidase  was developed.

Discovery of novel bioactive  molecules for pharmaceutical drug development involve use of screens which enables screening of desired type of bioactive molecules. However most of such screens are patented and highly guarded in the field of drug discovery. Commercial types of screens are prohibitively expensive. Development of novel screens is an important activity where microbial diversity can be exploited.

Development of novel assays for screening of specific type of anticancer drug  and multiple drug resistance  pump molecules is being done.

Laccase (Polyphenol oxidase)  have emerged as the versatile enzyme for Bioremediation purpose. Through screening microbial diversity several  potent laccase producing strains have been isolated, A novel laccase from  sp. has been isolated and characterized. It is able to decolorize several textile dyes including Triphenylmethane dyes and  Azo dyes. Arthrographis

Selected list of Publications and Patents:


  • Sonawane, V.C., Jolly, R. S. and Vohra, R.M. (1996) Cephalosporin modification: An extra cellular glutaryl-7-ACA acylase from Bacillus sp. Biotech. Letts.18, 965.

  • Sonawane, V.C. and Vohra R.M (1996) Characterization of a new extra-cellular Cephalosporin acylase from Bacillus sp. Proceedings of Intnl. Symposium on Recent Adv. Bioindustry, Seoul, Korea.57-61

  • Sonawane, V.C. (2005) A mini-scale method for assay of D-amino acid oxidase activity in Trigonopsis variabilis against cephalosporin C. Biocatalysis Biotransformation 23,117-121.

  • Sonawane, V.C. (2006) Enzymatic modifications of cephalosporins by cephalosporin acylase and other enzymes. Crit. Review. Biotechnol. 26(2), 95-120.
  • Sonawane V.C. and Vohra ,R. Indian Patent No. 184693. Title: ‘‘A process for the preparation of cephalosporin acylase’’.

  • Sonawane V.C. Indian patent No. 194298. Title: ‘‘A method for stabilization of whole cell biocatalyst’’.

  • Sonawane V.C. International patent application on ‘ Novel laccase enzyme and its applications’  (2009).
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