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Dr. Ramya T.N.C.
Lectins and glycoconjugates

Contact Address:

Dr. T.N.C. Ramya
Senior Scientist
Institute of Microbial Technology
Sector 39-A, Chandigarh 160036
Tel: 91-172-6665243

Write-up of research and development interests/focus, past and present goals:

The broad research interests of our group are in the interface of glycobiology, and molecular and cell biology with specific emphasis on elucidating the molecular and cellular events involving glycoconjugate-lectin interactions in various biological phenomena. Ongoing research projects include the following.
- Understanding the role of ligand binding by the human intelectins in inflammation
- Functional characterization of microbial proteins with F-type lectin domains
- Host-commensal interactions mediated by microbial glycan-binding proteins under varied dietary conditions
- Engineering a biosynthetic pathway in E. coli for protein O-glycosylation

Significant recognition: Awards, fellowships, international funding of distinction, technologies transferred/licensed etc.:

2012-present: Nodal officer and Principal investigator of CSIR XII FYP project “Man as a superorganism: Understanding the human microbiome”
2012: Recipient of FAST-TRACK grant for project “Exploring the potential of F-type lectins to direct biological functions” from DST, Government of India

Selected list of Publications and Patents:

Khatri I, Akhtar A, Kaur K, Tomar R, Prasad GS, Ramya TNC, Subramanian S. Gleaning evolutionary insights from the genome sequence of a probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii. Gut Pathogens 2013; 5(1), 30.
Ramya TNC, Weerapana E, Cravatt BF, Paulson JC. Glycoproteomics enabled by tagging sialic acid or galactose terminated glycans. Glycobiology 2012; 23(2), 211-21.
Ramya TNC, Weerapana E, Liao L, Zeng Y, Tateno H, Liao L, Han S, Yates JR, Cravatt BF, Paulson JC. In situ trans ligands of CD22 identified by glycan-protein photocrosslinking-enabled proteomics. Mol Cell Proteomics 2010; 9(6), 1339-1351.
Zeng Y*, Ramya TNC*, Dirksen A, Dawson PE, Paulson JC. High efficiency labeling of glycoproteins on living cells. Nature Methods. 2009; 6(3):207-209. (*Joint first authors)

Present group members:

Ritika Bishnoi (SRF, 2010 batch Ph.D. student)
Shailza Sharma (SRF, 2010 batch Ph.D. student)
Akil Akhtar (SRF, 2011 batch Ph.D. student)
Aasawari Khairnar (JRF, 2012 batch Ph.D. student)
Kamaldeep Kaur (Project Assistant)

Past group members:


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