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Dr. Srinivasan Krishnamurthi




Microbial ecology, Bacterial systematics and Metagenomics.


Our research group studies prokaryotic diversity from different habitats with a special focus on Biodiversity hot spots. The microbial community structure is characterized using culture-dependent and -independent metagenomics approaches based on 16S rRNA gene tag sequencing. We have been involved in studying the surface of intertidal macroalgae and mangrove environments as specialized niches for bacteria. In the past few years we have described several novel taxa from these environments and have also applied genomic approaches to rectify their taxonomy. Current research projects 1) Bioprospecting and taxonomic studies of marine microorganisms in search of novel anti-infectives. 2) Use of genomic approaches for deciphering taxonomic intricacies in bacterial taxa.

Recent Publications

  • Mual, P., Singh, N.K., Verma, A., Schumann, P., Krishnamurthi, S., Dastager. S.G. and Mayilraj, S. (2016). Reclassification of Bacillus isronensis Shivaji et al. 2009 as Solibacillus isronensis comb. nov. and emended description of genus Solibacillus Krishnamurthi et al. 2009. Int J Sys Evol Microbiol. 66, 2113-2120
  • Verma, A., Mual, P., Mayilraj, S., and Krishnamurthi, S. (2015) Tamilnaduibacter salinus gen. nov., sp. nov., a halotolerant Gammaproteobacterium within the family Alteromonadaceae isolated from a salt-pan in Tamilnadu, India. Int J Sys Evol Microbiol. 65, 3248-3255.
  • Sujith, P.P., Mourya B.S., Krishnamurthi, S., Meena, R.M., and Loka Bharathi, P.A. (2014) Mobilization of manganese by basalt associated Mn(II)-oxidizing bacteria from the Indian Ridge System. Chemosphere. 95, 486-495.
  • Krishnamurthi, S., Spring, S., Pinnaka, A.K., Mayilraj, S., Klenk, H-P., and Suresh, K. (2013) Desulfotomaculum defluvii sp. nov., a novel sulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from the subsurface environment of a landfill. Int J Sys Evol Microbiol. 63, 2290-2295.
  • Krishnamurthi, S., and Chakrabarti, T. (2013) Diversity of Bacteria and Archaea from a landfill in Chandigarh, India as revealed by culture-dependent and culture-independent molecular approaches. Syst Appl Microbiol. 36, 56-68.