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Immunosuppressive Agent - Caerulomycin A

Impact of the Technology:
If successfully developed as an immunosuppressive drug, it is expected to lead to a significant decrease in the cost of immunosuppressive therapy required for sustenance of transplanted organs.

Summary of the work:
Nostrum Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA had obtained Worldwide Licensing Rights from IMTECH for Clinical Development of the Small Molecule Caerulomycin and its Proprietary Derivatives for their Novel Indication of Immunosuppression. The license was obtained on February 23, 2009.
 “This novel bioactivity of Caerulomycin has shown remarkable promise in immunosuppression of both T-cells and B-cells in-vitro experiments and also in rodent studies.  In addition, preliminary studies show a lack of toxicity in the rodent experiments.  Based on these observations made by IMTECH’s scientists, Caerulomycin or its derivatives has a potential to develop into a blockbuster drug to be used to prevent organ transplant rejection and autoimmune disorders”. 
Commercialization status:
Currently, work is underway at the pre-clinical stage.