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Chief Scientist:

Dr. G.S. Prasad




Diversity, molecular phylogeney, genomics and industrial applications of yeasts.


Diversity studies on yeasts from high temperature regions of India resulted in isolation of interesting and new species. Sequencing of genomes of several novel Indian yeast species to gain insights of their industrial potential. Studies on uricase an enzyme used for treating hyperuricemia from Kluyveromyces lactis are in progress. Purine degrading enzymes were used for lowering purine content of Indian beers. Team member of the technology for Flocculating yeast strains useful for industrial production of ethanol (Technology being used in M/S Dhampur Sugar Mills). Developing technology for production of pullulan a GRAS status biopolymer with wide range of applications in collaboration with Dr. AR Choudhury. Heading the Microbial Type Culture Collection and Gene Bank (MTCC) (https://www.mtccindia.res.in) an ISO 9001:2008 certified National facility and an International Depositary Authority (IDA) since 2010. MTCC is serving more than 12,000 researchers from all over the country.

Major Publications

  • Chakrabarti, A., Ghosh, A., Prasad, G.S., David, J. K.. Gupta, S., Das, A., Sakhuja, V., Panda, N.K., Singh, S.K., Das, A., and Chakrabarti, T. (2003). Apophysomyces elegans: an Emerging Zygomycete in India. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 41, 783–788.
  • Saluja, P. and Prasad, G.S. (2007). Debaryomyces singareniensis sp. nov., a novel yeast species isolated from a coal-mine soil in India. FEMS Yeast Research 7, 482-488.
  • Choudhury, AR., Saluja, P., and Prasad, G.S. (2011).Pullulan production by an osmotolerant Aureobasidium pullulans RBF-4A3 isolated from flowers of Caesulia axillaris. Carbohydrate Polymers 83, 1547–1552.
  • Mahor, D., Priyanka, Prasad, G.S., and Thakur, K.G.(2016). Functional and Structural Characterization of Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase from Kluyveromyces lactis and Its Potential Applications in Reducing Purine Content in Food. PLoS One.11(10):e0164279.
  • Khatri, I., Tomar, R., Ganesan, K., Prasad. G.S., and Subramanian, S. (2017). Complete genome sequence and comparative genomics of the probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii. Scientific Reports 7, 371.