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Focused Research Areas : Microbiome

Current research activities in the unit

Human microbiomes of healthy and diseased individuals carry diverse strains and species of microbes (Eckburg et.al, Science 2005). Recently, a unique species of Staphylococcus lugdunensis has been identified from Skin that produces a novel antibiotic that can kill pathogenic species like S. aureus (Zipper et.al. Nature, 2016). Consequently, signifying the existence of microbes in the human gut that has enough potential to prevent us from diseases. Keeping in view of the above facts. gut, lung and skin samples will be collected from TB, IBD and acne patients, their house hold contacts and healthy subjects. Bacterial consortia will be generated, which will mainly comprise of Clostridium spp., Enterobacteriaceae, lactic acid bacteria, etc. Further, their efficacy will be tested in the experimental model of TB, IBD and acne. The major objective of the current activities is towards MiCure or Microbiome Based Consortia as Therapeutics.


Past research activities / Achievements

IMTECH was the nodal laboratory of XII Five Year CSIR Network Project (2012-2017) titled "Man as a Superorganism: the Human Microbiome (HUM). This project was one of the first dedicated programs on Human Microbiome in the country and led to large number of high quality publications in this field related to immunology, microbiology, genomics, and evolutionary aspects of human microbiome of Indian origin.

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