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Mr. Kuljit Singh Sodhi
M.Sc.(Agriculture), Pre-Landscape Architecture Development and maintenance of Hort. Works.

Contact Address:,
M- 09417057265,
H.No.1265, Sector 37-B, Chandigarh.

Write-up of research and development interests/focus, past and present goals:

Brief description of work.
  • Planning, designing of landscape/hort. Works.
  • Development of landscape/hort. Works.
  • Maintenance of hort. Works efficiently & economical manner.
  • Propagation of indoor/outdoor plants and raising flower seedlings in the nursery.
  • Cultivation of different varieties of flower being done.

Significant recognition: Awards, fellowships, international funding of distinction, technologies transferred/licensed etc.:

         Year    Honouring Agency       Type of Award
  • 2000    M.C. Chandigarh          1 second prize
  • 2000    Chandigarh Admn.       Best garden  & 6 prizes other
  • 2001    M.C.Chandigarh           2nd prize in chrysanthemum
  • 2002    Chandigarh Admn.       4 prizes & 2nd in best garden
  • 2003    M.C.Chandigarh           2nd in Chrysanthemum
  • 2003    Chandigarh Admn.       First in best garden &3 other
  • 2004    M.C chandigarh            4 in chrysanthemum
  • 2004    Deptt. Of Hort. Pb.       20 prizes.
  • 2004    PUDA                            2 prizes.
  • 2005    Chandigarh Admn.       1st in best garden&6 in other
  • 2005    Deptt. Of Hort.Pb.        15 prizes.
  • 2005    M.C.Chandigarh           3rd prize in chrysanthemum
  • 2006    Chandigarh Admn.       1st in best garden & 2 in other
  • 2007    Chandigarh Admn.       2nd in best garden& 4 in other
  • 2007    M.C.Chandigarh           3rd in chrysanthemum
  • 2008    Chandigarh Admn.       1st in best garden& 3 in other
  • 2008    M.C.Chandigarh           2nd in button chrysanthemum

I am a member of the selection/ assessment committees for technical staff of variousInstitutes/Labs like CSIO, CEERI, IIP, IGIB etc. and also in the panel of judges of various flower and garden competitions.
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